Vibration Training: What You Need to Know

What is Vibration Training?

Whereas whole body vibration training is only beginning to increase in popularity in a number of European nations like Germany, Italy and New Zealand, it is a technique that has been in practice for more than 40 years. Its origin can be traced back to the former USSR. In the USSR, vibration training was mainly used in:

  • Increasing bone density in cosmonauts.
  • Reversing muscle atrophy in cosmonauts.

Vibration training is a technique used in enhancing wellness and fitness, muscle toning as well as minimizing the impacts of osteoporosis.

Initially, WBV training was limited to the fitness industry. However, its potential health benefits have made other sectors such as rehabilitation and physical therapy to adopt it. When used in rehabilitation of injured and accident victims, full body vibration helps in the development of muscles, thereby ensuring that patients do not spend much time in wheelchairs and beds. This is achieved by encouraging blood circulation, which then triggers the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is responsible for several body functions like fortifying the immune system, increasing bone density and encouraging muscle development.

How Does Vibration Therapy Work?

Vibration training equipment is made up of a vibration plate that functions in releasing mechanical vibrations, which are then conveyed throughout the entire body. The frequency and intensity of the vibration can be increased from 35 to 50 per second. However, this will heavily hinge on the type of vibration training equipment used. As the vibrations move through the body, involuntary muscle contraction is triggered. What this means is that, body muscles respond to the vibrations through contraction and relaxation. This is a huge contrast to traditional training methods like resistance training which result in the contraction of at least 40% of body muscles. It is for this reason that persons looking for fast weight lost techniques are advised to utilize vibration training techniques since 100% of the body muscles are targeted.

What Are the Benefits of WBV Training?

Listed below, are some of the health benefits that you stand to gain by opting to use vibration training in your normal workout routine:

#1: Enhanced muscle strength as well as tone

Did you know that spending 15 minutes on a vibration machine is equivalent to spending 30 minutes doing resistance workout exercises in a local gym? By applying Pause while doing vibration training, you are affecting body muscles in two different ways.

  • Holding the plate of the vibration training machine for a couple of minutes, for example, when performing triceps dips, reacts by employing and triggering large amounts of motor points. As such, you can rest assured that every motor point in the body is exercised when training using this method.
  • Continuous contraction and relaxation of the muscles also help in increasing muscle strength.

#2: Increased bone density

If you are susceptible to osteoporosis, it is highly recommended that you start training using vibration training machine. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones in the body become brittle and start breaking at the slightest provocation. Total body vibration can greatly help in decreasing instances of osteoporosis.