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Vibration Exercise Machine Guide for Buyers

Compare Best Fitness Equipment Review

We compared these vibration exercise machines for our Buyers Guide and Comparison. We reviewed many key points that make a great vibration exercise machine including, over all design, machine construction, quality, ease of use, features, functions, power, vibrations settings, weight limits and price.

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A Guide to Buying Whole Body Vibration Machines

What are the different types of vibration machines?
Buying Best Vibrating Fitness Equipment Review

Oscillating (Pivotal or see-saw) – Best for fitness, therapy & health
Oscillating Vibration (1 to 10 mm) is the most natural vibrating movement and has the widest range of benefits. By combining the benefits of stretch-reflex inducing vibration found in the Tri-Planer vibration machines with the natural flowing movement in the horizontal massagers. People find this type of machine most comfortable and it makes sense that muscles are activated alternately as they would be in walking. This is by far the most popular type of vibrating machine and is widely used by trainers and doctors across the USA. This type of vibrating fitness machine is suitable for all ages and health levels.
Tri-Planer-Tri-Plainer Vibration (Lineal) Best for specialized training
Very high frequency vertical micro-vibrations (1 to 4 mm) are created by this machine. This style of machine can be uncomfortable for some users and is used mainly for high level fitness training. Some use tri-plainer machines to rest their feet on if they are in a wheel chair for example. Others perform sit ups and squats on the machine. Tri-planers are not recommended for those that are not in top shape and can be very uncomfortable for older users.
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Horizontal Vibration – For therapy – Not very popular
Used lying on your back, this movement works from the feet and creates a natural rhythmic movement through the body. Imagine the pattern of movement of a fish’s tail propelling it through the water. This is an enjoyable natural movement but is limited in function compared to an upright platform. The advantage is that the units are small and they can be use by people unable to rise out of bed. These are the least popular type of vibration machine and are mainly used for people with extreme health conditions.
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What should I look for in a Vibration Exercise Machine?

Buyers Guide Review Continued….

There are many important features to review when choosing a vibration machine. Here are a few things to look for:

1. Solid Steel and Construction: Cheap steel or plastic will not do. Does the machine look solid? Watch their video of the machine in action? The vibration equipment should be very sturdy.

2. Reputable Company: If you don’t trust a company or haven’t heard of them, check them out. Make sure it is not just a guy reselling vibration machines out of his house. BEWARE this is common! May even have a nice website!

3. Warranty and Money Back Guarantee: Does it have a warranty? Again – “how long has this company been around’, is the warranty worth anything? Cheaper machines will wear out fast and not put out proper frequencies and power. Will your seller be around to fix it? If you are unhappy with your purchase, can you get your money back??

4. Maximum user weight: Make sure the machine can handle your body weight. Further, as cheap machines wear down, they may operate at a lower frequency then indicated, and in the case of lineal vibrating machines, low frequencies can be harmful.

5. Features: Does the vibration machine have at least 15 speeds? Does it have Automated programs?

6. Noise: Many vibrating machines are very loud, even some expensive machines. Check it out.

7. Manuals and Videos: Does the company provide you with a positions guide and user manual? Do they have videos you can watch of the vibration exercise machine in action and demonstrations of the different exercise positions?

8. Who uses their machine? Do any reputable people or professionals use their vibration fitness equipment? If they do not, be very suspicious. If it really is good equipment, why would they not use it?

9. Delivery: How long does it take to get the whole body vibration machine? How is it being shipped? Don’t buy from anyone that wants 4 – 8 weeks to deliver the fitness machine – usually infomercials.

10. Fake Ratings – A few websites have fabricated a rating system called a “Koehler Rating” which has absolutley no merit or real meaning at all. Koehler Rating is not an industry standard whatsoever and is simply a marketing gimmick.

Review and Check out each and every point BEFORE you buy and you will not regret it!

Comparison of Vibrating Exercise Equipment

Here are some vibrating machines NOT to buy.

CrazyFit CHINA
CrazyFit CHINA
K1 Vibration Machine
Many of these cheap Chinese vibration machines are being sold under many different names – such as T-Zone, & Slimvibes. These vibrating machines are among the worst on the market. They are very poorly made having faulty electronics, buttons, cheap bearings and shoddy welds that commonly break. This is very common with China made vibrating equipment.
Many of these cheap Chinese vibrating machines are being sold under different names. These vibration fitness machines are among the worst on the market. They are very poorly made having faulty electronics, buttons, cheap bearings and shoddy welds that commonly break. This is very common with China made equipment.
The Noblerex® K1 a popular selling choice of Many multi-leveling marketing groups and is marketed as a so called “high end” machine. In truth it is usually very over priced and not a very solid design. Note the very skinny main support post. This vibration plate machine is not very stable and does not support the user properly for many exercises. K1 is Made in Korea.
CrazyFit CHINA
CrazyFit CHINA
K1 Vibration Machine
These cheap Chinese vibration exercise machines are being sold under many different names. These machines are also among the worst on the market. Do not waste your money.
More cheap Chinese vibration platforms marketed under many different names. These do not have enough power or have a large enough vibration plate. Do not waste your money on these harmful vibrating fitness plates.
The Ironman® vibration fitness machine is another poorly made piece of vibrating equipment. The vibration plate is too much small and the motor is very weak, making the machine ineffective.
broken vibration exercise equipment
Examples of Faulty electronics – Broken welds – Burnt Out LEDs

Vibration exercise fitness is fairly new to North America and there are some sellers that are taking advantage of people. So review this vibration machine buyers guide to make your comparisons and make a safe, successful and informed purchase of your vibration exercise equipment. Buyers Guide Comparison 2010.

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